Garry A Pace PE/CWI provides welding engineering consulting/welding education consulting and training services. SMAW, TIG/MIG, Flux Core, welding codes classes, visual welding inspection, WPS/PQR review. Having taught high school welding courses and having spent 20+ years as a welding engineer I have a unique perspective on welding education have been on both the supply and demand side of the equation. I offer the following welding education consulting services:

  • Development and qualification of Welding Procedures.
  • Development of welder qualification programs.
  • Development of welding specifications
  • Train the welding trainer courses – Help you develop and in-house welder training program.
  • Qualification/Certification of welders to a recognized standard
  • Consultation on welding process and/or equipment selection
  • Writing and reviewing of welding procedure development (quality and productivity enhancement)
  • Welding inspection methods (geared for the inspector, welder or supervisor to do visual inspection)
  • On site welding code courses – AWS D1.1, ASME Section IX, AWS D1.6
  • Non Welding/Welding Courses (print reading, symbols, metallurgy, processes and equipment)
  • Welding for non-welders (engineers, supervisors, technicians, sales, marketing or purchasing staff)
  • Upgrade welding skills (due to cross training, change in process, material, equipment or consumables)

ASME IX & QG-106 Organizational Responsibility

Personnel Performing Supervisory Activities

The ASME IX 2019 update (came into effect 1st January 2020) requires manufactures to have designated responsible personnel performing ‘supervisory activities’ for welding. This relates to witnessing PQR’s, writing WPS’s and witnessing welder tests. They need to have or be designated by the organization with responsibility for certifying qualification documents.

Have a satisfactory level of competence in accordance with the organization’s quality program. As a minimum, they shall be qualified by education, experience, or training in the following areas:
(1) knowledge of the requirements of this Section for the qualification of procedures and/or joining personnel
(2) knowledge of the organization’s quality program
(3) the scope, complexity, or special nature of the activities to which oversight is to be provided
Have a record, maintained by the organization, containing objective evidence of the qualifications, training, or experience.

I have over 20 years of experience witnessing PQR’s, writing WPS’s and witnessing welders tests. I can provide an ASME-specific resume and experience detailing my experience which should be acceptable to your ASME inspectors.

I am also available for onsite course instruction at your facility on ASME Section IX which would cover the code requirements listed in QG-106 ORGANIZATIONAL RESPONSIBILITY. This course can be customized for your shop and your personnel. Contact me for more information.